How to cook a steak

summarized from Steak by Mark Schatzer


Steak, Salt, Heat


  1. Find a source of tender, juicy, flavorful steak. Frozen is fine, as long as it's good frozen steak.
  2. Choose a cooking surface. It can be a grill or a pan. Both are fine.
  3. Let the steak warm to room temperature.  Wipe the steak dry.
  4. Salt the steak on both sides 5 minutes before cooking.
  5. Make sure the pan or grill is hot. Browning starts at 158°. Burning happens at much higher temperatures.
  6. After the first side has browned (1 to 8 minutes), flip.
  7. Poke the surface with your finger. You should start to feel some resistance. 
  8. When little droplets of red liquid start to form on the surface of the steak, it's approaching medium rare.